Happy World Mental Health Day

Happy World Mental Health Day!

But what of it, I hear you say.

Well, to put in in perspective,

Let’s look at it this way;


More People have a mental illness,

Than do have a dog as a pet.

In fact more kids have mental illness,

Than have pet fish, and yet;


It’s uncomfortable to think red hair,

Is as common as PTSD.

Or in a life time more have thoughts of suicide,

Than watch Saturday Strictly on TV.


The fact that pet rabbits are rarer,

Than depression no one declares.

Or more have bipolar or psychosis,

than numbers of people with black hair.


Car factories, classrooms, cafes,

The Cabinet, the corporations;

Mental illness is everywhere,

Except or conversations.


Brothers, mothers, sisters, misters,

Have a mental health so to speak.

But why is it that when things get tough,

It’s a dirty secret we keep?


Looking at it this way,

Two conclusions we can make.

You decide which explanation,

Is more accurate to take;


Either mental illness is simply,

A standard fact of every day.

To be spoken of more like a cold,

Than plutonium poisoning, say.


Or the alternative explanation,

Looking at humanity is that maybe;

All in all, perhaps,

We are all a little bit crazy.

These statistics were taken from http://www.mind.org.uk,  www.pfma.org.uk,  www.theapricity.com,  www.barb.co.uk, and are based on the Uk. Due to the nature of statistics they may be slightly inaccurate. But from carrying out research, overall I’ve learned that mental illness is much more common than we think, because we tend to keep in tucked away under our hats. 

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